↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: Note: I do not have a render model for Dr. Sleaze, so he will be covered with shadows for now.
Dr. Sleaze: My serums are complete!

Panel 2:
Dr. Sleaze: Come Volupto, we have a plan to execute.
Volupto: Ok, would you mind telling me what the plan is?
Dr. Sleaze: Right, exposition, I almost forgot.

Panel 3:
Dr. Sleaze: With these two serums, I will turn a little girl (preferably a fox) into an acutrish minion making machine.
Dr. Sleaze: The first will make her capable, and the second will make her only want to produce.

Panel 4:
Dr. Sleaze: She will become a monster
Volupto: But I hear that acutrish are quite strong willed and durable. How will you get them to obey you?

Panel 5:
Dr. Sleaze: I will have you and other males dominate the girls.
Volupto: Meow
Dr. Sleaze: The boys we will feed to the minion machine for now.

Panel 6:
Dr. Sleaze: Now, go get me some children to utilize.
Volupto: Yes Your Badness.