↓ Transcript
Pane 1:
Text: Welcome to the sub-comic of Developing Space titled "Unsafe".

Pane 2:
Text: Here, we will be dealing with topics and story lines that are more PG-13 than PG.
Ride worker: Sorry kiddo, maybe next year.
Sign: You must be this tall to ride

Pane 3:
Text: The main reason for the separation of this from the main comic is that the childhood of some of my main characters is rather tragic and dark...
Ride Sign: Through the Darkness
Guest: I don't know, that ride looks a little too dark...

Pane 4:
Text: I do not plan on the main comic going in that direction.
Sign: "Death and Destruction"* this way.
Guest: It has an asterisk, so it must be safe.

Pane 5:
Text: Another reason this comic is separated from the rest is so you can keep your feeds of the main comic section separate from this.
Sign: The Oil Water Fountain
Shows how things can coexist while still hating each other. Just don't stand too close.

Pane 6:
Text: Now, we shall move onto prologue of the main story line.
Joseph (Adult): Finally