(Note: this could be written better…)

An Acutrish (ack-u:-trish) is a prehistoric fox that looks similar to a fennec fox with a longer bushier tail except that males are completely black with grey tips and the females are grey with black tips (more details later). Their life style is most easily described as fast seeing how:

  • Their native tongue has a high data rate, allowing one to convey to another the entire Gettysburg Address and an exact image of President Lincoln’s face with ease in one grunt.
  • They have an abnormally high birth rate.
  • They have an abnormally high death rate to match that birth rate.
  • They usually die due to a stupid action before the turn 20 (I will explain in a moment)
  • Despite the high birth rate, the parents are able to get to know all of their children (example count: 25) with ease and remember them.
  • Time spent with each other seems compressed to viewers of other species
  • They can think faster than the data rate of their native tongue, allowing them to perform hour long meetings in 1 minute.

There is likely other stuff too…

In regards to physical appearance, all acutrish are born with a white strip on their forehead that goes away when they mate (more details that subject on a separate page for reasons. I have yet to post that page). For every 10 years an acutrish has aged, they obtain one red strip on their forehead similar to the white one they are born with.

When acutrish reach the age of 10, they begin to become addicted to adrenaline rushes (see point 4 above…). Due to this, less than 1% of 1% of 1% of them reach the age of 20. This is also considered the main weakness of acutrish. Acutrish less than 10 are fiercely protected by others.

Their bodies are strangely durable, being able to be on the receiving end of a 65 mph semi without breaking any bones or receiving any major injuries.

Additional things we have discovered about acutrishes:

Their paw pads have the strange capability to stick to things like glue. We do not know the weight limit of this stickiness since the paw usually detaches before it budges.

Their maximum running speed is also unknown. It is a theory that they can travel up to however fast they need to go. These limits also seem to be the same for jumping.

The fur on their sides has the strange capability to permit them to glide through the air. The details about this ability is yet unknown.