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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Sir Intellegence: Hello there! I have decided to mirror this comic to Tapastic for one main reason. I need motivation to update the comic.
Panel 2: Sir Intellegence: I do this comic as a side hobby thing, not as my main job. I do programming as my main job.
Panel 3: Sir Intellegence: I also don't have much experience with drawing or writing comics, so please tolerate the unpolished comics.
Panel 4: Sir Intellegence: I do have many story ideas that I want to share and have others use as well, but I have to output them via my hands and much of the image quality is lost in the translation.
Panel 5: Sir Intellegence: I would just upload them to the internet with my mind, but that technology doesn't exist yet.
Panel 6: Sir Intellegence: So, I am going to say that 100 subs will provide sufficient motivation for regular updates.