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Panel 1:
Text: The Law of Determinism depends on two types of Knowledge, knowledge of state
Math: 2+2
Text: and knowledge of the rules/laws.

Panel 2:
Text: The most simple example I can think of for this the equation of 2+2. You have two 2's (the state), the rule of addition (and possibly state), the base number of 10, and no variables. I don't think it is possible for it to resolve to anything but 4. Correct me if I am wrong though.
Math: 2+2=4

Panel 3:
Text: A less simple example would be a Pseudorandom number generator. The number generator has set logic that it follows to generate the "random" sequence of numbers. The thing that determines which "random" sequence you get is the seed.
Text: This has the side effect of the number generator always returning the same sequence of numbers for a given seed.

Panel 4:
Text: More advanced random number generators utilize the physical state of the computing machine (such as temperature or hard-drive speed) and/or "random" outputs from a remote server.

Panel 5:
Text: An even more advanced RNG (random number generator) is random.org. They use atmospheric noise (put simply, weather) in their equations. Weather is a fickle thing (citation needed).
SFX: *cherp cherp cherp cherp cherp*
Unknown Fox: What a beautiful day!

Panel 6:
Text: It has a tendency to change its mind often. If you manage to find a mortal who knows the exact state of the weather everywhere and can predict with 100% accuracy what it will do, let me know, I would like to talk to them.
SFX: *Krackow*
Hapless fox: Help!