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Panel 1:
Text: Before we go about defining the laws of the Entireverse, You will need to know the relative scale of things. Since I think it is reasonable to assume that most readers are at a computer and most computer have keyboards, we will start with a keyboard. Mine is about 1.5 ft wide.
Attribution: http://cliparts.co/clipart/2429981

Panel 2:
Text: Our next object up in size is a doorway, which is about 5.5 keyboards high or about 6 ft 8 in. A shipping container is about 1.5 times that height and is about 4 to 5 times long as it is high.
Shipping Container: Totally a shipping container LLC.

Panel 3:
Text: A high school track is about 14 shipping containers long. Big city blocks can be about 8.25 high school tracks long.
Label: Big city block

Panel 4:
CIty sizes vary. The one I measured on Google maps is about 4 big city blocks. It is about here that I start to have trouble comprehending the sizes of things.
Label: A city

Panel 5:
Text: County sizes are more evil that city sizes, so I will use the Great Salt Lake. It is about 18.5 "city"s long.

Panel 6:
Text: The height of the state of Utah is about 4.8 Great Salt Lakes. The Contiguous United States of America is about 4.6 Utahs tall. That means the Contiguous USA is more than 7.7 million keyboards tall!