↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: Using information they have, Stewards can make rather accurate predictions due to the Law of Determinism. What is that you ask?

Panel 2:
Text: The Law of Determinism has two parts:
1. With sufficient knowledge, everything is deterministic.
2. If something does not appear to be deterministic, then you don't know enough about it.
Text: *This does not affect your "will" because *you* still make your decisions. You can just be predicted.

Panel 3:
Unknown Fox: Hold it! Quantum Mechanics is non-deterministic!
Text: Oh, are you an authority on Quantum Mechanics?
Unknown Fox: Yes
Text: Ok then, tell me this:

Panel 4:
Text: Do you know all of the possible types of particles that exist and what they do?
Unknown Fox: No one knows that.
Text: Do you know why Quantum entanglement works?
Unknown Fox: No....

Panel 5:
Text: Then your knowledge about the subject is insufficient, and you have nothing to stand on.
SFX: *click*
Unknown Fox: Ahhhh...

Panel 6:
Text: And I have a spare panel again...
Next time I will explain how that law works and the two types of knowledge that relate to it.
Text: Sorry about the blank panel, I really couldn't think up of something to put in it.