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Panel 1:
Text: The average diameter of the earth, accoring to WolframAlpha, is about 8,000 miles. That is about 5 times the height of the Contiguous United States of America.
Note: "Note: almost all calculations done with WolframAlpha"

Panel 2:
Text: The average diameter of Jupiter is about 10.9 times that of Earth. The average diameter of the Sun is about 10 times that.

Panel 3:
Text: Now we get to measure really big stuff. This will be a bit harder.... I know! We can use orbits! The orbit of Sponde (a moon in our solar system) is about 34 times the diameter of the sun.

Panel 4:
Text: The orbit of Mercury is about 2.5 times that of Sponde's.

Panel 5:
Text: Now that we have Mercury's orbit, we can now look at this wonderful zoom out picture from NASA to take us to the inner extend of the Oort Cloud.
The image can be found at https://goo.gl/roUE7d

Panel 6:
Sir Intellegence: Now I just have to figure out some orbits in the galaxy if I can so we can go bigger. That will take some time. Hopefully, I can find some before next week.