↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: In order for the piercing eyes to work, the Steward needs to be able to naturally see the person in question. Put simply, a photon needs to get from that person to the Steward.

Panel 2:
Text: For example, they can read someone in their line-of-sight.
Unknown Fox: Ooh, something shiny!

Panel 3:
Text: They can also read someone off of a mirror or something else reflective.
Unknown Fox: Ooh, another shiny thing!

Panel 4:
Text: But they cannot read them off of something like a TV screen.

Panel 5:
Text: Stewards can also decide whether or not the target feels that someone read them.
Unknown Fox: I have been seen!

Panel 6:
Text: As you may guess, it isn't a pleasant feeling, so Stewards generally don't decide to do it.
Unknown Fox: Run!!!