Side note: while researching, I found this neat program. It permits you to generate pictures of galaxies.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: The thickness of the Oort Cloud is about 52 times the size of its inner extent. I tried finding other things to compare with so we would have smaller numbers, but didn't find anything...

Panel 2:
Text: The outer extent of the Oort Cloud is about 2 times the width of the cloud. That does make sense since the inner extent makes up a small fraction of it.
Arrow: These symbolize width, so no curvature is needed

Panel 3:
Sir Intellegence: So, I was unable to find any-more orbits to use, so I guess I will need to use a variable amount of "lots"...

Panel 4:
Text: The diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy is an astounding 1.8 million times the diameter of the Oort Cloud. I would try to illustrate that for you, but you wouldn't be able to see the circles representing the Cloud.

Panel 5:
Text: Oddly enough, there seem to be some galaxies close enough for measuring... The Carina Dwarf Galaxy is about 3.3 Milky Way Galaxies away.

Panel 6:
Text: The Leo 1 Dwarf Galaxy is about 2.5 times that distance, and we still haven't left the Local Group of the milky way!