I just noticed a stray “physics equations” in panel 3, but I am unable to track down the drawing application that I did this comic with, so I can’t fix it.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: As we all know, the Universe is bigger than what we can see. There are also things called multiverses. Put simply, these contain lots of universes.
Not Graphic: * insert cool graphics here *

Panel 2:
Text: I will now begin giving forward declarations for some things in the EntireVerse. From the universe up, everything has a Rule-Set. There are lesser-deity regions that can contain 1 or more multiverses or universes.
The Rules:

Panel 3:
Text: There are also Multitions (Multi<verse> + physics equations<Parti>tion), these contain lots of multiverses and lesser-deity regions.

Panel 4:
Text: Greater-deity regions can contain multiple Multitions.

Panel 5:
Text: There is an unknown number of levels inbetween a Greater-deity region and the Entireverse (there is a lot of "stuff" out there).

Panel 6:
Sir Intellegence: And that is the top. We will refine these definitions next time.