↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: Stewards train hard to mentally separate things they "should know" from things they "should not know". Things obtained from the piercing eyes of the Steward generally get filed under "should not know".

Panel 2:
Text: This helps avoid various awkward situations...
Lowlife: Hey Steward, is that guy a copy?
Joseph: I don't know. Why don't you ask him yourself?

Panel 3:
Text: Stuff from "should not know" never gets used, with some exceptions. Such as comforting someone...
Sad person: Nobody understands the pains I go through.
Joseph: I do.

Panel 4:
Text: Not getting killed...
Dangerous lowlife (thought): I'm going to stab him when he gets close.
Joseph (thought): I'm going to avoid that person.

Panel 5:
Text: And, on very rare occasions, really bad emergencies.

Panel 6:
Text: And just so you know, if he is testifying in a court room, he only uses the information that he "should know".
Offscreen: Did he do this with the intent to do harm?
Joseph: I don't know. Have you tried asking him?