↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: Multition Stewards have various abilities to assist them with their responsibilities and not getting killed. They only work as long as they obey certain higher laws.
Panel 2:
Text: One of them falls under the category of "Cursed with Awesome". I currently don't have a better term for it than the Eyes of the Steward. It is always active when the Steward is worthy, and causes their eyes to undergo a visual change.
Text: The iris and the pupil swap colors.
Panel 3:
Text: When a Steward with this ability active sees a person (or anything with self awareness), they get the "privilege" of getting to know that person or thing fully.
Panel 4:
Text: This includes the person's thoughts, ambitions, feelings, and stuff like that. The Steward also gets the "wonderful opportunity" to live that person's entire life. This all happens in an instant.
Joseph: ...
Panel 5:
Text: If a Steward is not used to this, it usually results in them being unconscious for many days as their brain processes the data it got.
Panel 6:
Text: Not to say they can never get caught off guard. Any unprepared Steward would be reduced to a sobbing mess upon seeing a horde of zombies.
Joseph: *sob*
Zombies: Brains!!!