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Panel 1:
Text: Barnard's Galaxy is about twice as far as Leo 1.

Panel 2:
Text: The Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte Galaxy is about twice as far away as Barnard's Galaxy.

Panel 3:
Text: NGC 4214 is about 3 times as far away as the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte Galaxy. It is also an irregular galaxy (like most of them so far).

Panel 4:
Text: Once again, I encounter issues getting a list containing what I want from Wolfram, so I will make do with what I get from it. IC 1601 is 40 times further away than NGC 4214.

Panel 5:
Text: There doesn't seem to be much more beyond that distance, but we have yet to reach the edge of the visible universe, so we will assign the distances to variables. Let us call 'a' the distance to IC 1601, and we will call 'b' 10 times that distance.

Panel 6:
Text: 'c' will be 10 times the distance of 'b' and 'd' will be 2.3 times that. That is about the diameter of the visible universe (according to Wolfram at the time this page was written). Now that that is done, we can start with the Entireverse stuff.