And, no, we don’t know how the default is chosen.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Text: Every rule set has its own set of "pages", like a book. Each of these pages represent a different reality of the contents of that area.
Book Spine: The Entireverse

Panel 2:
Text: Each of these pages contain subsequent rule sets which contain their own pages.
Book Spines: Greater Deity

Panel 3:
Text: Each rules set has defaults, like default pages and default child rule sets.
Book Spines: Greater Deity
Floating Text: Default

Panel 3:
Text: I do currently have plans for the multition parts of the default multition. They involve this poor unfortunate soul. How?
Joseph Watcher: Hey, I heard that!

Panel 5:
Text: You see, every rule set from a multition up has an owner (e.g. a diety) and/or a manager. They can be any type of entity.
Joseph Watcher: Like a stewardship I am a part of.

Panel 6:
Text: Managers are usually charged with making sure the rule set remains in one piece and doesn't, say, spontaneously combust or get screwed in any other manner.
Joseph Watcher: That only happened once...